Structure and Leadership

Oat Global provides the platform for the formation of independently organized but interconnected oat research, breeding and extension initiatives. The Oat Rust Initiative, launched in 2015, provided a proof-of-concept demonstration of the value of community coordination. With 55 participants from 12 academic institutions, 4 government labs, 3 commodity groups, and 4 oat industry stakeholders, the Oat Rust Initiative has catalyzed renewed research, breeding, and extension efforts aimed at mitigating the risks of oat rust diseases. 

The Oat Global Board of Directors is comprised of voting and non-voting members

  • Voting rights require a financial commitment to Oat Global
  • A North American Millers’ Association (NAMA) designee serves as a non-voting board member representing the interests of all NAMA members
  • Other non-voting members are invited on a rotating basis to ensure a diverse representation of stakeholders, researchers, breeders, and the extension community