In recent years there has been tremendous growth in datasets of Avena genomic, phenotypic, and breeding information as a result of a cooperative public/private research activities from the oat breeding and genetics community. The Collaborative Oat Research Enterprise (CORE) was a major initiative in North America resulting in the establishment of a genomic platform for oats. The USDA-ARS GrainGenes project has tracked some of these advances in oat research. Meanwhile, multiple initiatives and research projects have developed additional datasets in North America and Europe. These datasets are currently housed in different databases and access by the broad community is challenging; this Oat Global site attempts to relate topics important to oat research. 


By the end of 2014, the oat breeding and genetics community and the oat millers and growers will be able to share genotypic, metabolic, and phenotypic data in a shared global database. Every user will be able to contribute and access data from genetic studies, breeding populations, and field trials of oat varieties from all regions and public and private researchers.

This tool will enable open sharing of raw data supporting scientific publications, variety releases, and coordinated or individual trialing efforts. The outcome will be a networked and unified community that builds knowledge exponentially by rapidly embracing the "era of big data" and the most modern computational techniques.


Oat Global is a project organized in January 2014 by

  • Gabe Gusmini (PepsiCo)
  • Joe Lutz (General Mills)
  • Bruce Roskens (Grain Millers)
  • Nicholas Tinker (AAFC)
  • with the participation of USDA-ARS and consultation with public and private oat breeders in Canada and the US.

Oat Global Manifesto

Original Strategy Team

Gabe Gusmini (PepsiCo)

  • Oat Global Chair

Ben Boroughs (NAMA)

  • Oat Global Treasurer

Catherine Howarth (Aberystwith Univ.)

  • Oat Global Secretary
  • European Community Liaison

Luiz Federizzi (UFRGS)

  • Latin American Community Liaison

Nick Tinker (AAFC)

  • Canadian Community Liaison

Pamela Zwer (SARDI)

  • Australian Community Liaison

Michele Marcotte (AAFC)
Jack Okamuro (USDA-ARS)
Jose Costa (USDA-ARS)
Wade Hainstock (POGA)
Bruce Roskens (Grain Millers)
Bill Tracy (University of Wisconsin)
Greg Cuomo (University of Minnesota)
Kenneth Grafton (North Dakota State Univ.)
Daniel Scholl (South Dakota State Univ.)