Speaking of Oats… A New Oat Community Series

Speaking of Oats… A New Oat Community Series

 Oat Global, in partnership with the Oat Newslettfsr, is proud to announce the launch of Speaking of Oats.... This new community engagement series provides opportunity for oat producers, oat processors, oat researchers, and other oat lovers to hear from experts in the field, to engage with each other, and to build new professional relationships. Speaking of Oats… comprises virtual sessions, approximately one each month, that are part update or seminar and part community dialogue, each focused on a topic of interest to the oat community. 

 A special thanks to our pioneering session organizers:

  • October 15 (10am Eastern): PanOat: Why Does The World Need 30 Oat Genomes? Nick Tinker (ORDC/AAFC, Canada), Martin Mascher (IPK, Germany), and Jason Fiedler (USDA-ARS, USA). REGISTRATION NOW OPEN (https://z.umn.edu/SOO2020).

  • November 19 (11am Eastern): Oat Updates from the North American Millers’ Association and the Canadian National Millers Association. Dale Nellor (NAMA, USA) and Gord Harrison (CNMA, Canada)

  • December 17 (11am Eastern): The International Oat Nursery. Stephen Harrison (LSU, USA), Mónica Mathias (INIA, Chile), and Liliana Wehrhahne (INTA, Argentina)

  • January 21 (11am Eastern): The T3 Database and Applications to Oats. Jean-Luc Jannink (USDA-ARS, USA), Clay Birkett (USDA-ARS, USA), and David Waring (Cornell, USA)

Free, advanced registration is required for each Speaking of Oats… session.  Registration is NOW OPEN for the October 15 session (registration for future sessions will be announced at a later time). Speaking of Oats… sessions will be recorded and made available via YouTube. 

Questions? Topic suggestions? Want to volunteer to lead a future Speaking of Oats… session? Contact Oat Global Director Jim Bradeen (jbradeen@umn.edu) or Oat Newsletter Editor Charlene Wight (Charlene.Wight@canada.ca).